9 Of The Biggest Mistakes I Have Made In Business

For me, the biggest mistakes have been…

  1. Doing It Only For The Money

    Now, I love money. It brings freedom to do whatever you want, whenever you want and I do think everyone can and must make lots of money. However, money alone is not enough to motivate me when the going gets tough! It might work for some people but it has so far NEVER worked for me. There are easier ways to make money in my opinion and that would be a job!
  2. Giving Up Too Soon

    n my earlier attempts at being an entrepreneur, I kept giving up when the going got tough. I kept expecting everything to work in three seconds flat and when it did not, then I would slowly but surely stop doing the work and just give up. I look back at some of the ideas I started up back in the day and I know I could have made money with each of them if I had simply stuck it out. But I did Not.
  3. Listening to the crazy voice

    I had a crazy voice in my head that told me I was not cut out to be in business and even some days now, I hear it whisper sweet nothings to me, if I care to listen. I used to listen and so I quit, thinking I may as well give up before I was forced to. thinking I was a fraud for even trying to be in business. I mean, even my mother laughed at me for thinking that I could make business work.

    It took bankruptcy, depression and children to finally uncover the backbone I always had hiding somewhere beneath the crazy voice
  4. Being scared of people

    You cannot be in business without communicating with people in some way. You cannot hide from using the phone, or putting fingers to keyboard or showing up on a livestream or do a video, or sending that email or even responding to that hater on social media (at least delete and ban him/her).

    Business is very much about people — figuring out how to serve people, how to love the people you want to deliver things too and how to not be scared of how you come across to people. I had to accept and am still learning to accept that not everyone will love me (I mean, how can anyone not adore me?!)

    And that it really does not matter. I am on a mission to support at least 334000 people to achieve financial independence and make their dent on the planet which does leave a huge number of people who may simply not like me. And I will probably have to go through quite a few of these people to reach my people. It is just the way it is and so, if I am to build an amazing business that impacts lots of people for good, I simply have to stop caring so much about how I come across and just do the work!
  5. Being Inconsistent

    Man, I was so inconsistent in earlier times. Some days, I felt on top of the world and I did the work of communicating, capturing, closing. I went out, delivered leaflets, chased people on the phone, sent emails, did everything I could. And then other days, I felt down in the dumps and I just did not show up on those days. I disappeared.

    I thought I had to wait for inspiration and motivation before I got up off my butt. I jumped from one idea to the next, looking for that magical idea that would take off in 3 seconds.

    Needless to say, NOTHING WORKED!
  6. Thinking I could do it all alone

    For one, when I got serious about business, I found a mentor, coach, mastermind group. I realised that It had taken me a few good years to become a pharmacist so why on earth did I think that I could just jump in and be okay on my own? This coach person gave me strategies which I implemented and within 18 months, I had left my career for good.

    I went on to work with other coaches who helped me get clear on my purpose and how to do what I am good at and make it make me money. Some simply held me accountable so that I did wake up and do the work on the bad days.

    Also, I started working with people on things I could possibly figure out but it took them less time than me and I began to realise that my time is more valuable than spending it on something that I cannot do. Businesses are just not built to any great level, on your own.
  7. Underestimating myself

    I think most people underestimate what they can do when they set their mind to it. I was certainly one of those people. I am older now and I work harder than I ever thought I could. I produce more than I ever thought I could because one day, I realised that I had a false cap on myself.

    I took the cap off and voila, I am a machine with even more room for growth. I am not saying ‘go be some lone wolf’ — I think I already addressed that but I do think that as humans, we were born to win but then bred to lose and to accept any old nonsense.

  8. Allowing religion, family to get in the way

    For too long, I allowed weird beliefs about what I was allowed to do to get in my way. It felt spiritual to remain poor and so I did okay but never really admitted to myself that I wanted to be rich and so never allowed myself to serve enough people to make it so. I then mistakenly made it all mean that God was punishing me which also then meant that I never really looked to see that I was simply not doing the work and blaming external circumstances for my less than stellar life.

    I said ‘YES’ way too many times to family, particularly extended family. I wanted to be liked and so that took me off my own course, my own mission and it wasted a lot of years trying to be loyal to people who sometimes, think and act differently from me. And it never really made everyone happy with me anyway so what on earth was the point?

    You might wonder what this has to do with business — EVERYTHING! You are not a series of boxes. You are ONE WHOLE LIFE! And everything affects everything. Some people may be able to box off parts of their life and keep it separate, I have not managed that.
  9. Marketing

    If everyday, there are not people being added to your audience, then your business is dying — you just do not know it yet. I spent way too long navel-gazing and wondering about the perfect way to market my products and services. I should have just done anything and everything and then figured out what worked and kept doing that.

    I see people doing this -Waiting to speak with me to get the perfect answer before moving forward and the truth is, there is no perfect answer. You test things and see what works. It is helpful to have some idea of what to test and so yes, I teach people foundational things but really, it is going to come down to massive action being taken until the right way to promote things is found BY YOU!

And there you have it — 9 mistakes made and learnt from.

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