When I go shopping with the princesses, I steer them away from white anything…

White tops

White dresses

White trousers

White shoes.

White skirts.

All to be avoided like the plague, was my motto.

As the princesses get older however, I get less and less of a say on what they want to adorn their bodies with. I resign myself to this lesser role in their life.

The thing about white shoes though is that they look so glorious on the shelf in the shop but when they are brought home and used, they get mucky and yucky and they…

Take it easy, my love.

All the fear and desperation you feel, is unnecessary.

The right people (be it in business or your personal relationships) will come, if you will simply relax and stop trying to control everything. Yes, do the simple things you feel guided to do but dump the stress and struggle. It does not make anything happen any faster and it just hurts, don’t you think?


A deep inner pain within.


And surely, you are tired of that.


The wrong ones will go, if you would let go. …

Break the chains.
BREAK THE CHAINS to your past.
It/THEY have taken up too much of your time already.
It/They have eaten up enough of your energy.
It is time to take yourself back.
It is time to remember who you truly are.
A Divine being, full of Divine power, able to create a prosperous life when you live to your true design.
But the nonsense of the past still holds you.
You still allow it to define you.
Yet you have all the power to transcend it.
Their apologies…

YOU ACT AS THOUGH YOU HAVE NO CHOICE and I look at you and wonder…

What crazy thoughts go on in your head as you look at the abundant world and complain?

You act as though you have no choice as though life is happening to you…

Somehow you are convinced that all is lost and some savior is coming to save the day.

You forget that your savior is you!

Because everyone who is coming has already come and told you what you can do…

But your ears are shut and your eyes are closed and you still moan…

I was once a young, bored 15/16 year old girl who fancied herself in love with the bad boy…

I had visions of him coming to save me from my house and take me away to his where LOVE would reign supreme and everything would be perfect…

I even went with him on illegal trysts in unsavoury inns, back home in Nigeria…

Well, that happened once…

And as much as he tried to seal the deal with me…


Deep inside, I knew this was not for me.

I knew I had more value than this…

There are two, maybe more, versions of your life…

The Shiny, amazing version where you allow yourself to dream the big dreams and you realise that those visions are what you can go for and you get on the narrow path and you allow in everything you truly desire…

And then there is the dim version(s) — where you settle for whatever is on your plate currently, regardless of how unsatisfying it is.

Which one do you choose?

In the Hollywood movies where they set these two choices before you, it is usually a choice of being rich and…

Hey, I am Rosemary Nonny Knight and I always know exactly what people need to do next in order to prosper in their relationships, health, wealth, spirituality and work.

I have always known

I have had this powerful gift of intuition for as long as I can remember and it has been such a part of me that I did not even notice it for a very long time…

It did not come with body shaking or angel sightings or ‘Thus said the lord” proclamations…

I just knew

Mostly I held back from telling people because I thought I was…

“Be transformed by the renewing of your mind”

From The Bible

It is like someone sitting through a movie in the cinema, hating it but then going to buy some more popcorn, another ticket and sitting back down to watch it again…

Repeat 10 thousand times…

That is what is happening in your life when you keep rehashing and overthinking the stuff currently happening in your life…

AND THEN to make it even more crazy, do you realise that YOU ARE THE DIRECTOR of the movie????!!!

You put it all together in exactly the way it is playing out but…

You are set apart for something more than you have experienced to date…

You have always felt different from those around you

You have always had a heart to show people a different way

You have thought you had to hide that part of you in the ‘real’world in order to make it

And I guess you have made something

Some might even call it a success

But you know that there is something more for you

The only way you experience true happiness & lasting prosperity is to own your difference

Own your true design

And to dare to…

No one else can see your vision.

No one else can see your dream.

They can have opinions and probably do.

But it matters not.

What you desire may never have been created before by anyone you know but within you is the blueprint to bring it to life, if you dare.

It is easy to read or hear of other way-showers and think of them as having people around them that validated everything they wanted to do.

It is easy to think of pioneers and think that they were always completely sure of themselves and their ideas.

But you…

Rosemary Nonny Knight

Leave the past behind, rediscover your true design, live free, fulfilled, financially abundant & love-drenched.👉 RosemaryNonnyKnight.com/bookfree 👈

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