There was a time that it seemed that ‘they’ had authority over you.


Maybe, it was when you were a child and they were your adult parent or teacher.


Maybe it was when you were in their congregation and they were your pastor.


Maybe it was when you were in relationship with them and you worshipped the ground they walked on because you loved so completely.


But that time is now past.


You are different now.


You are grown now.


Your eyes are open now.


And you no longer need to allow…

The moment of transformation comes when you decide to no longer be who you have been in the past.
When you decide to act like who you now choose to be.
When you choose to show up in the world differently.
And then there is a transition period.
Where you make that choice again and again and again.
You get deliberate about who you now choose to be.
You feel into the tension of change and you keep making the decision to be who you feel you must now be.
The old is no longer acceptable.
You turn a blind eye to the old, even though it is…

It is not about being the most talented.
It is not about being the most gifted.
It is not about having the best, most stable background.
It is about willingness.
Relentless focus.
Consistent Practise.
Making the choice to believe in yourself.
All that you desire is achievable.
But you have to go all in.
This is not a ‘let me try for a little while and see’ kinda thing.
This is a ‘Do it or die trying’ kinda thing.
I know that seems fatal but it never is.
Those with that kind of relentless determination get what they want.
Others settle for any old nonsense.
Being spiritual does not count you out from relentless…

✅ You decide you want a new relationship ✅

Then you tell yourself and everyone else that all the good ones are taken, everyone is just playing games. They don’t want anything serious and so, what is even the point of wishing for things to change? And also, no one has ever really loved you before, they only ever use and abuse you so why believe that that can EVER be different?

✅ You decide you want to be your own person, doing your own thing✅

Then you allow your family, your friends, their cultures and traditions to keep you…

People say things that hurt

People do things that hurt

Mostly, they do not realise what they are doing. They are simply living their life.

Sometimes, they do and do not care.

And sometimes, these people are people you care deeply about who suddenly do things that seem out of character.

And yet, they did it.

The normal response is to allow what they said or did to spark some kind of reaction in you.

And if you allow the hurt to fester, you start acting in ways that are not characteristic of you and you feel like ‘they’ MADE…

As I was journalling and thinking this morning, I got to thinking about a certain pastor I knew of…

He has passed on now but he created a powerful vision and he was enamoured with his vision…

And so he changed a heckuva lot of people’s lives…

Some for the better…

Some for the worse…

But everyone was impacted by his vision…

He saw nothing but his vision and refused to be swayed by the world around him…

I admire that.

As I write this, I think of Steve Jobs…

Another man enamoured by his vision of the world…


Honey, you criticise yourself SOOOOOOO much.

And you take what your inner critic says as gospel truth.

You have stopped questioning whether the lies you are living to, are truth.

You just accept it.

Please stop.

I know it may not seem as simple as just stopping but that has to be step 1.

Say that to yourself — “I will stop criticising myself”

And affirm instead — “I will start backing myself up. I will be my own inner champion, I will make my inner world a safe place for me”

And really mean it.

Then start paying attention…

As you walk along this journey to your TRUE DESIGN life, you can be assured that many will not understand why you are doing what you are doing.
A lot of the time, you will see friends, loved ones unable to handle the fact that you are determined to break through, some will leave.
That is okay.

The Universe really does have your back and you are never alone.

Learn to lean into Source as your best friend and confidante.
And please do whatever you can to release any judgement and resentment of anyone who did not understand…

‘They’ did not trust me…

It meant I struggled to trust myself.

It did not need to mean that.

But I allowed it to mean that and so, for a long, LONG time, I doubted myself, I doubted my abilities, I even doubted my sanity at times, particularly when I was doing things that others did not expect me to do.

It was easy becoming a pharmacist — I knew ‘they’ trusted me to do that.

It was easy becoming a leader in church — I knew ‘they’ trusted me to do that.

It was easy to be lazy around…

You have a true design…

A path that only you can walk on…

A route of pure joy and fulfilment…

And deep down, you do know what it is…

But life, as you know it, has taken you off course…

Events, circumstances that were designed to hone and shape you…

YOU designed them to hone and shape you…

But then you forgot

And instead felt like a victim to these things

You blame the Divine though you couch it in holy phrases like “I am waiting on the Divine’s timing”, “He gives and takes away”, “It must not be the…

Rosemary Nonny Knight

Leave the past behind, rediscover your true design, live free, fulfilled, financially abundant & love-drenched.👉 👈

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