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  • Gary Bunker

    Gary Bunker

    Random mind-drippings about society, technology, entertainment, and whatever else falls out

  • Kristin DeMarr

    Kristin DeMarr

    Single mom of 4 kids with exceptional needs. Trying to write and keep my shit together. Click to help support me! https://kristindemarr.medium.com/membership

  • Sarah L Bromley

    Sarah L Bromley

    Writing about the questions I wish I had the answers to. www.sarahlbromley.com

  • Andrea Anderson

    Andrea Anderson

    Wife, mother, fighter for all that is right and true...😏

  • Cher Aaron

    Cher Aaron

    I write about Life because even though everyone has a life, I am the only one living mine.

  • Chaya Bee

    Chaya Bee

    I write things. Sometimes I post those things. I enjoy imperious animals and laughing when I should be frowning.

  • Peggy Gillespie Hazelwood

    Peggy Gillespie Hazelwood

    What, me work? Yeah, okay. Writer, editor, photographer, reseller. Owned by a cute, fluffy cat.

  • Pickle is good.

    Pickle is good.

    I bake satire on parenting, writing, love, life, and what not. I work as a content writer. Would not snitch on you given the chance. Or so you hope.

  • manic depressive mom

    manic depressive mom

    mentally ill. homeschool. momming.

  • Outi Ikonen

    Outi Ikonen

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