Have You Defined Success For Yourself?

That was what success was supposed to look like.

And you do not realise it but you base every decision on that narrow perspective…

You limit yourself to that definition…

Everything is measured against that road map…

Your friends are even subconsciously chosen because they fit your borrowed idea of success

But we are not those people — we cannot live with it

And also that you never allowed yourself to define what a successful life would look and feel like, TO YOU!

You don’t even really know how to think out of that box.

You may not even fully realise you are in a box!!!

You are capable and you have created a good life…


It is the wrong life.

Are you ready to define success for yourself, my love?

Your vision is your permission, regardless of how crazy the vision may seem when held against the light of your conditioned version of success

You are capable of your calling so once you establish your own definition of success, you are absolutely capable of bring it to life

And finally, there is no mistake about you or your vision/calling — The world needs you, in your true design, in order for it to evolve so please get on with it. Yes, you really are that important.




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Rosemary Nonny Knight

Rosemary Nonny Knight

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