I Am Willing To Follow The Compelling Pull Of My Divine Self

There has always been an urge within me to create

To write plays

To write poems

To write songs

To write stories

To sing the songs I create

To learn how to use my voice effectively

To create music

To put words together and stir other people

To teach what I learn

To read and discover more things and then to pass them on to others

To see others light up as they realise something new

If I had to reduce my life to 4 words, I would say that all I want to do is sing, speak, write and invite

It never seemed reasonable

It never seemed sensible

And so I put it all off

I gave up childish dreams and pursued a ‘real’ life of being a responsible adult

And too much chocolate and sometimes, too much TV/movies

Yep that was as interesting as I got as I was too nervous to get drunk or take drugs or sleep with random peeps to drown out the emptiness, religion was my biggest drug of choice

I told myself that I did not have enough words

That what I had to produce was too simple

Who needed what I had, anyway?

I just needed to get along and be reasonable

I needed to stop pretending to be different and just go along with the flow

Deep down, I sought to avoid the darkest questions

“What if I try and fail?”

“What if no one actually does care?”

And that too seemed somewhat selfish, pretentious… and scary.

How dare I think that I was that important?

How dare I believe that I had something of import to leave as a legacy?

And then mixed in with all that, is the need to take care of family

How dare I get off the well-trodden path and find my own way, when I had a sure thing in pharmacy?

All questions I had to face and answer…

And in the end, I chose me.



But because I wanted to.

I truly believe that we are moving swiftly away from a world where any of us will be able to avoid these questions

We are moving swiftly towards a world where only those who honour their creativity and intuition will win

It is not enough to pretend that you are simply a machine that can churn out whatever for whoever pays the most

You are a divine being and deep down, you seek full expression, hence the emptiness that you feel when you dare to be silent for even a second.

Most fill their time with distractions while at the same time, telling themselves that they have no time to be their true selves

Well, I guess you can do that if you want to die with your music in you

We are all creative beings

There is something inside of you that you desire to express

There is something inside of you that will support the world in its evolution

And unfortunately, we have been taught that unless it is revered by other people then it is useless

Your creative value is not actually dependent on anyone else

It is yours to express however you choose to

And yes, you can find a way to prosper financially while doing it… if you are willing to.

(Please realise that those are 2 different things though we have been taught to believe they are one and the same — ‘only do something if you can see EXACTLY how it will make you money’ is the rule of the regular world. And yet, we see in this current world that people are somehow creating abundance despite doing the most random seeming things but they had to be willing to go against the status quo and choose to do those things FIRST and then finally the money came)

There is so much more I want to say about all of this…

But firstly, are you willing to follow the call of your divine creative self?

Are you willing to believe that you would not be left to go destitute when you follow this call?

Because really, all you need is to be willing

It is for you if you say yes to most of these questions…

🔴 Do you want more meaning and fulfilment in your life?

🔴Do you feel off-course and off-track in life, even though you have attained a certain level of success?

🔴Do you long for a deeper connection to Source (God, the Divine, your Higher Power/Self)?

🔴 Do you feel overwhelmed and sometimes very anxious about life and where you are at, even though others look at you and think you have it made?

🔴 Do you deeply desire the winning combination of a richer spiritual life while also growing in prosperity in every area of life?

Here is where you get your free copy of the eBook — RosemaryNonnyKnight.com/spiritspeaks

Much Amazing Love

Rosemary Nonny Knight
The Prosperity Minister



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