Is This The Win You Had Hoped For?


You have settled for ‘success’ at the expense of your soul

There is so much within you that longs to come out but you are telling yourself to be reasonable

Which means that you are not going all in on your vision

You are half-assing it

Not a term I usually use but I need to shake you free of this complacency, this passivity

It is time to get deliberate

No, it will not always feel easy

Yes, you will doubt yourself

Yes, you will wonder if you are loopy for thinking that you can live out your calling and create wealth

And despite all that, if you will stay on course, you will win.

Because you are a winning machine

Whatever you put your attention on and refuse to back down from, you win at

You just have not actually fully done it with your own life’s purpose yet


Doing enough to tell yourself that you are trying

But not enough to actually be all in

There has been too much plan B mixed in

And so you are not playing full-out

Are you done with this lukewarm thing you are playing at?

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People longing to be connected to the Divine in a real, life-changing kinda way…

And to live out of that connection with mind and heart fixed on the vision DETERMINED to bring it to life

We are done with believing that to be spiritual means we have to put down our vision and do some weird kind of ‘waiting on the lord’ thing for the next ‘x’ years.

We recognise that we have a vision and it is our permission to go forward and take the territory.

We recognise that we are capable of our calling, despite bouts of self doubt

And we recognise that we have all the choices here. The Divine is withholding nothing

And so we now fully DECIDE to bring the vision to life — Make a difference, create wealth according to our true design

If this resonates then join AFFLUENCE now

I will give you the ‘know-how’ on online business building

I will support your spiritual growth

I will call you out when I see you playing small

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Rosemary Nonny Knight - The Money Minister

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