People Can Hurt & That Hurt Can Keep You From your Destiny

I was walking around, scared of people…

I had a pleasing front and from the outside, you would never have known that you/any person just plain old scared me.

I have the regular story…

One of being hurt, humiliated in some way, put down and made to feel small by people…

And I had internalized it.

I had made it mean something…

And then buried it with a cherry on top to pretend it was not there…

And yesterday, when I had an unprecedented number of people sign up for AGAINST ALL ODDS I RISE, I noticed, and Papa affirmed it, that I was scared of these new clients.

Scared that they would find me wanting…

Scared of relaxing and just letting them see and hear the experiences, the learning, the ALL OF ME that means I am able to teach them how to overcome too.

As if to affirm my fear even more, a few of the new clients reached out to me expressing their fear around people. In a lot of ways, you attract into your life what you need to learn. You can see it as a setback or see it as a learning opportunity, an opportunity to strengthen, an opportunity to heal.

Yep, I go with learning, strengthening, healing every day of the week…

Because I refuse to allow fear to hold me back from my destiny.

Are you subconsciously holding back from playing full-out in your own life because you have a deep-down fear of people?

Be honest with yourself, ok? Admitting weakness is not the SAME as being weak.

Some person/people hurt you in deep ways in childhood, in the past and now, you hide.

A powerful gift and calling on your life and yet, you hide.

Usually you hide in plain sight, pretending to have it all together, you may even buy into your nonsense but you hold yourself back from taking the next step, from doing the work you really want to do…

Because people hurt…

Because people are unpredictable…

Because you are not sure that you have the strength to handle the rejection…

Are you satisfied with that being your story?

Are you happy enough to get to the end of your life and realise that you made people the determinant as to whether you live out the calling on your life or not?

I decided that I was not happy with that.

I decided AGAIN yesterday that that was not going to be my story…

And I chose to show up powerfully…

And I continue to push myself just a little outside the comfort zone while staying aware of what bubbles up within me. Paying attention to what needs healing and what simply needs pushing past.

You don’t need a deep dive healing session on every slur of the past…

Sometimes, it is enough simply to see and be aware, and acknowledge it while choosing to put it down and push past it.

However, sometimes, you do.

Do not shy away from it.

Yes, people can hurt you — There is no way to get away from that. Not if you intend to be a heart-centred, purpose-driven entrepreneur or creative…

However, that fear of people does not get to define your life…

It does not get to diminish your destiny.


So, do not hide from healing and do not wallow in the story.

Do what presents itself to you to do to be free.

It may be working with someone…

it may be simply journalling around it until you feel the shift of release…

It may be seeing it for the first time and in the seeing of it, you may be able to release the tension as you realise what has caused you to hold back all this time.

Whatever it is, do it and trust Spirit/Intuition to point you in the right direction.


Fight for, deliberately design the life you are born to live

Because you want to.

PS — SIDE HUSTLER ON MISSION is open and taking spiritual peeps ready to step into their own purpose-driven business doing ONLY what they love. Let this program show you that it is possible to live into your calling and create wealth while doing it. I do it so why not you?

Let us defeat the doubt that keeps you trapped in circumstances that you do not want.

Let us clarify your purpose so that you can find a way to monetize it while mking a difference with it

Let us put a clear plan in place to call in the customers, clients, recruits, to get the sales, to allow you be a profitable side hustler and then a full time business owner who is living out the calling on your life, making a difference, changing lives and making bank as you go.

The invitation is out! Are you coming to the feast?




Here’s How To Create A Six Figure Income While Living Your Purpose —

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Rosemary Nonny Knight

Rosemary Nonny Knight

Here’s How To Create A Six Figure Income While Living Your Purpose —

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