Prosperity Is Being Completed In You

“He who began a good work in you, will be faithful to complete it”

From the Bible

You have started the process of change…

And it seems to be getting harder, not easier…

You have dared to look in the dark, murky places…

And it scares you and you wonder if you will ever be able to rise above the past, the shame, the pain…

Yes, honey.


It matter not where you start from…

It only matters that you carry on.

It only matters that you stay on path

You do your part

And let the Divine within you, bring the work to completion.

transitioning to a more deliberate life, is not always easy

Years of poor thinking, acting, being have taken their toll on you

They have made prosperity seem like a distant dream

And so you come into the DELIBERATE LIFE PATH with some fear, some self-doubt, a wondering if you are deluded to think that such simple actions, could bring great change…

You start with the and again, you are unsure but excited…

But will this work for you, you wonder?

It resonates with your heart but you have tried things in the past…

Not for long (Let’s be honest!)

But you are always torn between staying stuck in a predictably YUK life or daring to believe things can change for you…

It almost feels better to not get your hopes up

But inside you is a feeling that life could be more amazing

And so you venture in tentatively…

Can I change? Can I be more? Can I RECEIVE more? Can I be truly prosperous?


If you will do your part and stay the course.

Honey, dear sweet honey, You are not alone in this…

the Divine within you wants to break free of all the ties and holds of the past

That is one HUGE reason why you are here now, reading this…

that is why the DELIBERATE LIFE resonates with you.

This feeling that you can deliberately design a life of freedom, fulfilment, abundance

This feeling that you are called to be love in the world…

You catch glimpses of who you are created to be…

And it feels good


And you can have it.

Here is a word for you

“Life has been tough

You have made a few mistakes

Today is a great day for a turnaround

I guide you to let life be easy

I guide you to your prosperity and the manifestation of your dreams

Be open to My guidance

I lead you to completion”

Your time is now.

And before you go, there are 2 parts to the allowing prosperity into your life

Action and clarity.

Yes, you must do the internal work, absolutely must…

And you partner it with physical action if you do want to make a difference in a bigger bolder way on this planet.

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Much Amazing Love

Leave the past behind, rediscover your true design, live free, fulfilled, financially abundant & love-drenched.👉 👈