Purpose-Driven Profits — 6 Steps To Deliberately Design A Free Wealthy Life & A Highly Profitable Online Business In Just 90 Minutes a Day, Without Tech Skills & Without Lots Of Money

You want financial independence…


The Struggle Is NOT you…

Which is to help different-thinking spiritual people to achieve financial independence without it costing the earth.

  1. Get clear on what you want life to look like and decide it is done Listen to that intuitive nudge, that still small voice within and write down what your life is actually supposed to look like. Choose to actually believe it is yours. Choose to co-create with your higher power to make it so. Choose to realise you are not alone in this.
  2. Start communicating your story with the world using social media — You already use social media — Simply get intentional about it
  3. Decide on what product you want to work with — or service, or someone else’s product, or your art, music, your books (the ones you KNOW you are here to write) — Pick something, anything that aligns with your calling and purpose — It is your story that drives this online machine — In some ways, the product does not matter as long as you believe in it.
  4. Start capturing those that are interested to your social media platform of choice, your mailing list — Keep it all simple
  5. Follow up with them until they allow you to help them — Set up simple systems that anyone can set up that allow you only to speak to people who already want to hear from you, people already warmed up to you, your story and your product.
  6. Make it recurring with minimal additional effort from you.



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Rosemary Nonny Knight

Rosemary Nonny Knight


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