Scared That You Have Been Cursed Or That You Are Damned Or Demon-Possessed?!!

This is not a topic I normally even dare to broach as there are so many fixed beliefs out there…

Beliefs that people have built their whole life upon…

And people get so precious about their ideas, they forget to check if the ideas are still helping them…

I used to be that person so I do understand the need to have sacrosanct beliefs — It feels safe in a world that feels unsafe at times…

I get it…

And it is why I do not talk about these things in such a public setting…

A completely different animal when I am one-on-one with someone who is bound up to ideas that hinder them, then I talk frankly.

Anyway, Papa and I have been talking this morning and well, I invite you to the conversation because I feel called to take my conversation with you to a deeper place.

Let us handle this stuff so that you have a chance of true complete freedom and prosperity in all areas of life.

It is not a conversation for everyone but you just may need healing and I want to open you up to the possibility of freedom…

I was brought up believing in demons, the devil and juju (black magic)

It all had such a hold over my life…

I really felt they were stronger than Papa…

I was scared that things I do can cause me to become demon-possessed and go to hell FOR ALL ETERNITY!…

I was scared that people could curse me and I would become demon-possessed and go to hell…

I lived in fear of these things…

For the most part, you would not have known it but it was there, keeping me in check…

AND keeping me away from true intimacy with the Divine because I felt these ‘dark’ forces were more powerful than He was — I did not even admit this out loud, I just kept my distance while pretending not to :-)

I get it if you are telling yourself that you do not believe that but I want you to be very honest with yourself.

I have been Christian for ever and have led people in various settings and so I have done my fair share of naming the demons and casting them out to varying success.

I have more recently decided that there are simply no evil spirits and no devil waiting to send you to hell…

Though I think now as I talked it all through with Papa that there are low level spirits which some call demons and try to blame them for all the ‘evil’ that people do in the world…

And though I do not have all the answers…

I find that new ideas are revealed to me little by little as I am ready for them…

I do not ask that you take my word for what I am about to say…

Check for yourself!

My goal here is to simply shake a few of the beliefs that keep you trapped…

Beliefs that you are probably questioning already but maybe a little too scared to get rid of completely

From the conversation I was having this morning with Papa, all of this stuff comes down to what each person feels about it…

Do you feel fear, guilt, shame, anger at yourself or another person?

That will attract to you lower level spirits as you stew in these emotions

They do not come to hate on you…

If anything, they love you and want for you what you seem to want for yourself…( The question is, what do you want for yourself?)

They do not come with the agenda of sending you to a fiery pit for all eternity (I still do not think there is any such place, truth be told unless you want there to be one for you then you are powerful enough to create it — Your choice.)

These spirits or beings or whatever are simply attracted to the vibes you are sending out…

The main thing Papa was trying to point out to me this morning was that the actions people take are not usually the issue…

It is the feelings people attach to those actions.

EXAMPLE: Having sex before marriage is not an issue and in fact, for a lot of non-religious folk, it is not a source of such angst as it is for religious folk.

Feeling guilty and bad and evil about it because you have a belief that God hates you for doing that and now, you are going to go to hell because you sinned in this way and so on…

THAT IS THE ISSUE and it causes all manner of frigidity and horrid sex situations between couples even when they ARE married and simply because of their beliefs about what they did ages ago.

EXAMPLE: Someone cursing you is not an issue (and this was a big one for me — I had been convinced that my father’s accident was a result of some person doing Juju on him — I know it sounds incredulous but that is what i believed)

My feelings of fear or your feelings that it is a real thing, MAKES IT A REAL THING

THAT IS THE ISSUE and that will make any ‘curse’ someone spoke over you become your truth.

You have all the free will in the world…

You are powerful whether you think you are, or not…

And so…

YOu make a heaven or a hell out of life

The Divine only seeks your good

Even the unseen angels/spirits/beings seek only your good

And if you are putting out a vibe of “I am guilty, I am scared because I am cursed, I am ashamed of who I am and what I did” or unforgiveness and anger/resentment then honey, you attract to yourself low level nonsense.

I don’t even know if I am explaining this all that well.

Ultimately, your actions or even the actions of another do not damn you…

YOUR FEELINGS/BELIEFS about your or another’s actions, are the problem…

You align with lower things when you stay attached to low-level feelings and emotions…

You can do anything and the Divine does not hold it against you, regardless of what you may have been taught (Yes, this may be a scary concept for most religious types )

Again, you can do anything and you do not need to feel guilty about it

However, not everything is helpful and that is okay too because you will discover that anyway and then you can make a different choice

There is no need for guilt and shame and general yukky feelings

These feelings can be manipulated to control you — STOP ALLOWING THAT TO HAPPEN!

The feelings, the beliefs are the real antagonizer to freedom, to standing in your power, to prosperity

No one, nothing is waiting to punish you

You seem to do a pretty good job of that yourself

And if there are any low level spirits in your vicinity, it is simply because they are attracted to the low level vibe you are sending out there — All that self-flagellation is attractive to some spirits. However, like unwanted guests, they will go away when you ask them too and you choose to stop thinking of yourself so poorly.

When you choose to BE LOVE in the world, rather than self-doubt, self-hatred, guilt, shame…

NO, you do not have to be perfect

Just simply start loving you again


Forgive yourself and anyone else for perceived wrongs

Choose to Level up your natural emotional state

And you will find that you feel lighter and freer

I do hope that made some sense…

It is tough to prosper if you feel all kinds of down on yourself

It is tough to prosper when you have weird beliefs holding you back

It is okay to do anything

NOt everything is helpful to you

It is okay to discover that, without the accompanying guilt or shame

And then you can simply choose in each moment what action you now want to take

You are loved whatever you do.

Please believe that.

The Divine never withholds love from you — NEVER EVER!

It is impossible because HE IS LOVE!

Align with love.


Rethink some of your ideas and allow yourself some freedom

There is fulfilling work for you to do on the planet

There is joy to be felt

There is happiness, freedom, abundance

Allow yourself these things

And open yourself up to more prosperity by taking part in the FREE & SIMPLE 7 DAY Miracle Experiment at

Prosperity is your divine right

Much Amazing Love




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Rosemary Nonny Knight

Here’s How To Create A Six Figure Income While Living Your Purpose —

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