Take The Easy Route To Your Purpose- Driven Online Business That Makes You An Extra $4783 or more each month

Why $4783?

No particular reason — I just plucked the number out of the sky but hey I got you reading and that is my goal because what I am about to tell you is so simple and yet, for the most part, you are probably not doing it and even after reading this, you may still not do it!

Because you are human and humans are addicted to things being more difficult than they need to be…

You have a dream of living life on your terms…

You have a dream of being able to make money doing what you want to do and when you want to do it and yet when you look around you and when you consider what you have been taught by those around you, you realise that not many actually get to live that life!

And so, you internally decide it cannot be simple and so you go looking for one tip, trick, strategy after the other to try and make your dream happen…

OR WORSE, you give up all together and settle into a mundane life, like most people around you!

Now, if you have not given up yet on the dream then this post is for you…

Here is the simple way to an extra $4783 a month (OR LESS OR MORE) while living life on your terms — Making a difference as you go.

1)Believe You Can & That It IS YOUR BIRTHRIGHT — Without this basic belief, you will keep chasing your tail instead of staying focused because honey, you will only ever allow yourself to create what you believe is possible for you. Remember this, BELIEF IS A CHOICE!

2) Communicate with the people you feel called to serve, via blogs, videos, networking events, adverts, whatever floats your boat — Find your people and talk to them. They are in online groups and forums, they are on various social media platforms, they are attending various offline functions, they are reading certain magazines or trade publications, they are at your local community centre, they are on various websites. They are everywhere! Find them, tell your stories, share how you overcame some of the things they are still facing down, entertain them, educate them, CARE FOR THEM and LET IT SHOW!

3) Capture your people onto your own social media platform so a FB page, group, instagram, twitter, whatever — Ultimately get them following you so that they are exposed over and over and over again to your message. Capture them onto your email list as well so that you have a little more control over what your people hear from you and when. At this time, I do believe you can wait a little on this if you have not yet figured out how to do the tech side of it.

4) Close them — You have something great to offer, right? Be it books, music, art, products, services? Now offer it and offer it and offer it. Get creative with the wording around it and the ways you present your offer but definitely offer it daily, numerous times a day. Immerse yourself in the world of your customer so that you learn to use their wording to describe things and that way, they understand you better. And mention, mention, mention VERY VERY clearly. Tell them EXACTLY what you want them to do next and keep leading them to the sale over and over again. Do not tire of this.

5) Be Consistent!

That is it.

There is no magic.

It does not have to be more complicated than that.

The thing is, it may not work immediately and so you will get distracted by all those million dollar launches that people tell you about. You will tell yourself that you are learning and learning new ways to reach your audience but then you will take your eye off the $4783 you want to create.

But it will feel like you are still focused…

And it is quite crazy the way we deceive ourselves… we human beings are particularly gifted at self-delusion…

And so it will feel like you are working VERY VERY HARD but really, you are learning, thinking, reading, second-guessing, self-doubting, navel-gazing and getting taken in by every shiny object…

Everything BUT doing the simple work that gets results…

And I see you doing this and it makes me want to weep…

I did this too.

I still have to catch myself to make sure that the main thing remains the main thing…

There are always distractions…


And yet, if you will just stay on track, and follow those 5 simple steps, you will add $4783 and then MUCH, MUCH more to your bottomline…

Come and work with me…

Let me help you stay on the narrow, QUICK path to success…

Let me point out when you get distracted…

Let me tell you what works to get the monetary as well as the fulfilment results…

Join me now in the Deliberate Millionaire Fast Track Club — It really does contain EVERYTHING that you need to grow a purpose-driven, HIGHLY-profitable business that makes a difference, changes lives and makes you financially independent. And this month, the live call is a new program called “Purpose-Driven Sales Activities — How To Sell More Stuff Online While Making A Difference, Without Feeling Like An Aggressive, Pushy Sales Person ” It is in the last week of the month and all details are available within the group

Are you not done with living the life you do not want?

Are you ready for a life lived on purpose and lived on your terms?

Scoot on over to RosemaryNonnyKnight.com/dmfasttrack and check it out!

It is time to fight for and to deliberately design the life you are born to live

Because you really do want to!




Here’s How To Create A Six Figure Income While Living Your Purpose — https://mibusiness.lpages.co/6figurebooks

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Rosemary Nonny Knight

Rosemary Nonny Knight

Here’s How To Create A Six Figure Income While Living Your Purpose — https://mibusiness.lpages.co/6figurebooks

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