The Journey Back To Knowing I Am Wanted And Unconditionally Loved

But the craving in my heart to KNOW and to be KNOWN by the Divine, keeps me digging deeper and deeper…

The craving in my soul to know and feel unconditional love means that I choose to look and to clear up as much as possible…


“Why did you put me in foster care when I was only 6 weeks old?”

“Was I really so much of a burden to you already?”

“And if I was a burden to you, the ones who were meant to love me the most, then how much of a burden am I to those who do not have to love me?”

“How much do I need to prove myself, in order to be worthy enough, in order to stop being a burden?”

Still I felt guilt…

And that is my heart’s desire…

To live a life of total connection to Source with no lies shielding me from the unconditional love that I know is mine

And full access to all the prosperity that flows when I am connected

I want it all



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