The Old Must Die So That The New Can Rise

You worked your ass off for everything…

You had to protect your back because someone was always out to get you…

You were a victim of circumstances and all those people in the developed world had screwed you over and you had to work harder than all of them to get even a little bit of the pie.

Looking good to all the people around you was more important than feeling good on the inside

Emotions were weak and they needed to be stamped out NOW!

No one could bring me to that point — I HAD TO CHOOSE

A lot of inner healing

Mastermind groups


And lots of internal work, sitting on my awesome arse with a journal.

Are you done with being passive about it?

You are literally gonna have to die to who you are being right now!



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Rosemary Nonny Knight

Rosemary Nonny Knight


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