Time is just a figment of your imagination

What if you really believed that that was true?

Yesterday, I watched some film — Personally, I found the film “myeh” so I don’t even care to mention what it was but the thing that did come out of it for me was the question “What if you could see everything that was going to happen in your life, from start to finish, would you change things?”

You could see the good, the bad, the ugly — What would you change?

Now, I KNOW that if I had seen what I know now when I was in my twenties, I would have done a heckuva lot of things differently!

I would have taken more bold action towards my dreams — THAT IS FOR DAMN SURE!

I would have acted from a place of abundance, of knowing that I would always be taken care of…

I would have acted confidently, insted of constantly second-guessing and waiting for someone to give me permission…

Yes, I would have changed certain choices…

No, I would not have changed me because regardless of how much time goes by, the real me under all the nonsense, IS GOOD!

AMAZING, in fact!

And as I live from that reality, life opens up!

And time becomes a figment of my imagination because right now, I can be my best self…

Right now, I can call in everything I desire…

Right now, everything can change!

And honey, the same applies to you!

You still possibly think that you have to wait to be ready…

That there is a set amount of time that needs to pass for you to reach that level of readiness…

Maybe you think you have to wait for the children to grow up

Or the parents to pass on…

Or the partner to finally ‘let’ you do what you want to do…

Or the pastor to give you a platform…


But that is just a figment of your imagination!

Right now, you can choose to BE the leader who gets everything you desire…

RIGHT NOW, you can choose to act with boldness and confidence and ASK for what you want with no apology…

RIGHT NOW, you are good enough…

RIGHT NOW, you are EXACTLY the right person for your people…


Not some undefined moment in the future! — RIGHT NOW!

You do not need to wait for a suitable amount of time to pass…

The truth is, you have done that and all you realise is that there is always more to learn…

Always a reason to think that you are not ready yet!

And there always will be!

If you want to live that purpose-driven, wealthy life, it starts NOW!

You start acting like someone who always gets what they want NOW!

You forget what has gone before and RIGHT NOW, you decide everything changes…

Man, if I were you, I would get your journal out and WRITE IN BOLD CAPITALS, ‘Today is the day that everything changes for me” and sign it with the date…

Write down your life as your most powerful version of you — Write out clearly all the goals, the desires that you want.

And then, picture yourself as your boldest, richest, most purpose-driven self and ask yourself “What did I do to become this person with all this stuff and all this fulfilment?”

Make a list of actions…

Or maybe you only get one idea…

Take action on it…

Pick something — DO IT!

Continue to listen to those intuitive nudges…

Train yourself to trust that you do know what to do next

Act fast

Trust that it is all great

Bring your future into the now

Do not allow your brain to stay in a deflated place for too long

Put on your most powerful future self and ACT ALWAYS as that person

Watch how quickly you realise that time was just a figment of your imagination…

You could ALWAYS have started NOW!

Fight for, deliberately design the life you are born to live

Because you want to!

PS — Need help figuring out your next steps? Lets talk

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Once upon a time, I felt trapped in a life that did not suit me, I had built what I thought was success against the wrong wall. It did not feel all that great. My relationships, money, fulfilment was at an all time low and though I was a pretty strong person, I could not quite figure it all out alone. So, I decided to get some support and I broke free with the help of coaches and mentors. I want to do the same for a few people in this community of the purpose-driven.

You have a call on yoru life and you want to start making more of a difference and an income doing what you feel called to. I can help.

There are limited FREE sessions available so apply quickly before I reach capacity at RosemaryNonnyKnight.com/freedomsession




Here’s How To Create A Six Figure Income While Living Your Purpose — https://mibusiness.lpages.co/6figurebooks

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Rosemary Nonny Knight

Rosemary Nonny Knight

Here’s How To Create A Six Figure Income While Living Your Purpose — https://mibusiness.lpages.co/6figurebooks

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