You Could Be The First Millionaire In Your Family — 3 Things To Consider

What is your reaction to that?

Pay attention because it determines what you allow yourself to do or not to do…

Personally, it makes no difference to me whether you want millionaire status or not, the point is to check where your thinking is taking you!

You may tell yourself that you don’t want to be a millionaire and that you don’t need to be that greedy but I would ask you why you immediately think it is greedy to be a millionaire?


Money means nothing until you give it meaning…

Money can build wells, houses, feed children, save orphans from sexual slavery and so on — Is that a good thing?

Money can give you and your family an amazing experience of life and free you to be even more creative and useful in the world — Is this a good thing?

Or you can tell yourself that it is greedy and only horrid people get it when they have done horrible things…

And so you will always have just enough or less than because that is all you will ever allow yourself to create. Is this a good thing?


Or maybe you thought YES! and then started reading it to get the magic bullet system that will work, in 3 seconds flat…

I can give you systems, tricks, strategies etc

I can show you (and in fact, do show you) all the steps I am taking to get there myself but you know where it all starts?


It starts with a decision.

A commitment to reach your goal.

A commitment to sow seeds that may or may not erupt into the dream of your heart…

But you plant them anyway, trusting that your vision is your permission…

Trusting that it WILL work…

And because you are committed!

I do know that the dream of your heart is not simply to be the first millionaire in your family — You want to make a difference and I can tell you this…

The only way to making a million or more a year is through service.

SERVANT LEADERSHIP is literally the only pathway for us, the purpose-driven…

So, no, you do not have to do anything underhanded to get there — You simply have to serve enough people, help them get what they want/need and you will get yours.

However, being a servant leader in action, rather than just something you sing about in your religious organisation, takes guts!

It takes guts to face down what people may think of you as you determine to serve more people and also, you have to decide that a workman is worthy of his pay…

Some will decide that you are only about the money and you will have to handle that feeling inside of you…

  • “Am I all about the money?”

Because you want to give and make a difference, you will also want to make it super easy for everyone and give everything away for free…

You will have to handle that or else, you will be broke and stuck doing work you don’t really want to do, in order to make ends meet…

People will not see the internal motivation and some will judge you — Ignore them. They are judged by their own judgements! The chances are, they are living small so myeh, why do you care what they think?

And then you will have to handle

2.”Does anyone need or even care about what I have to offer?”

Because in order to consistently put yourself out into the marketplace, you are going to have to believe in yourself and what you have…

You might have a book, music, art

Or maybe a product, service…

You want to coach, counsel, teach or speak…

Or maybe even a business opportunity that you truly believe in…

Whatever it is, you will need to believe in yourself and in it enough to continually put yourself out there in the marketplace until you find your people…

The ones who are specifically drawn to you and to what you have to offer…


Because to begin with , you will be just one of many voices in the marketplace and they will simply not hear you…

And it will feel like you are speaking to the wind and no one cares!

You will have to care enough to KEEP MOVING FORWARD!

I absolutely KNOW that when people work with me, their lives change; their income increases, they impact more people, they write the books, they travel more and so on — I KNOW IT and so, I show up and I show up and I show up!

I am willing to invest in myself to learn how to show up even more…

I am willing to invest in advertising to be in front of people constantly…

I am willing to invest my time in coming with new words to write posts like this, do videos, give talks etc etc…


And I feel it would be selfish of me to pull back.

Will you choose to trust that the vision inside of you is worth putting out into the world?

and then the final thing you will need to handle is

3. “If no one else has done it before in my family, can I?”

Lots of people think that their starting point is somehow a limitation to what they are capable of creating…

You too may look at your family, your background, your environment and doubt that you are capable of doing this thing.

You may even have had someone who tried and quit in your family and that may make you think that there is a limit on you.

And yet, if it appeals to you and you are willing to be committed, then the sky and beyond is the limit.

Spirit withholds nothing

No person can withhold anything either…

All that matters is that you see obstacles for what they are — TEMPORARY — and you keep pushing forward past them.

YOUR PAST DOES NOT DETERMINE YOUR FUTURE unless you choose that it will.

If you keep thinking and acting like a broke person, then you get to keep that whole thing going…

If you keep thinking and acting like you have just enough, then again, you get to keep that whole thing going…

People who choose to elevate their position in life, determine to invest in themselves and their businesses — Are you doing that?

Or are you listening to all the broke peeps around you telling you to hold on tight to what you have now?

You have to plant a seed in order for it to grow!

You have to break free of the normal way of doing things to get extraordinary results!

Will you?

Yes, you could start a new trend in your family and be the first millionaire but it all depends on you, making a commitment to make it so. WILL YOU?

If so, the the ABUNDANCE LIBRARY is a great place to start.




Here’s How To Create A Six Figure Income While Living Your Purpose —

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Rosemary Nonny Knight

Rosemary Nonny Knight

Here’s How To Create A Six Figure Income While Living Your Purpose —

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